HeroWork Hero Series: Mark Roch

 “You can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens.” —Aristotle Authenticity is a trait that we often notice in a person when they express it. Be it from numerous internal or external pressures, we can sometimes forget what matters most within ourselves and in our actions to affect those around…

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HeroWork Hero Series: Darlene Potentier

As you are likely seeing throughout the HeroWork Hero series, there are a lot of people involved that imbue not only the values of the charity, but possess a special character that inspires and draws people together. Darlene Potentier is without a doubt one of those people. And like so many of the volunteers, it…

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HeroWork Hero Series: John DeMedeiros

  John is the kind of guy whom everyone speaks highly of. And when you get a chance to speak with him you can understand why. There are a lot of values that HeroWork embodies, and John is the kind of person who personifies them. Like so many of the other people I’ve spoken to…

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Three Sides of Leadership

There are times when you need to step out on a limb, take risks, and be utterly beyond your comfort zone. Leading from ahead means courageous vulnerability and the specter of failure.

Other times a leader needs to lead from beside, working shoulder to shoulder, putting in the long hours, collaborating and listening with an open mind and heart.

Then there are times when a leader needs to lead from behind, creating systems and taking actions that empower other leaders.

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HeroWork Hero Series: Vance Smith

“I’ve found since joining HeroWork my way that I can help people out.” In this day and age, it can be difficult to find ways in which we can have a positive impact in the world around us. With so many new fields of expertise in the work world, finding a way to extend your…

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