Anawim House Project

Sept/Oct 2017

Anawim Companions Society is day house for people living in poverty and trying to find a new way of life.  Through their family model, they empower people by working with them not for them.

HeroWork will lift up this charity and make their home even better.

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(Please note: Renovation and Event Management "Team Members" use a private link volunteer portal.)

Each Year Anawim Provides

The Issues HeroWork Will Address

Increased Health & Safety

Anawim House needs a proper nurses room for
check ups, HIV testing, haircuts, foot care,
and more.

Deeper Sense of Belonging

A person in extreme poverty needs a sense of home, a place they can be proud of. This means a well-maintained and aesthetic building. They need the building painted, a new deck, landscaping and more.

More Counselling

Anawim House works with the vulnerable on a one-to-one basis, ensuring privacy and respect. They need good counselling spaces to do this.

Bike Transportation

To get a job a person must be able to get to the job. Anawim House is starting a bike program that will give good bikes to the poor and teach them how to repair them. But first they need a bike repair shop.

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Renovation Details

The above outcomes breakdown into the following preliminary renovation components:

First Floor Reno

- Create bike repair shop in garage–add bike racks, bike stands, work bench with lockable cash drawer, lockable tool shed, window blinds, new lighting;
- Add permanent Christmas lights to the house with on/off switch;
- Addition of new office/counselling room in existing garage space with door from existing office;
- Create wellness/personal care room with hair washing sink/storage/convertible chair;
- Add sink to existing garage washroom (staff washroom);
- Create first aid room with sink;
- Provide heat to wellness/personal care room, bike repair shop, staff washroom–thermostat to be remote and controlled by staff;
- Change garage door to french doors;
- Create coffee/breakfast counter with storage above and below in dining room;
- Relocate door into head office;
- Add interior window between head office and living room;
- Add cell phone charging station in office (lockable cabinet);
- Create new office in garage with two means of egress;
- Provide heat and new lighting in new office;
- Modern furniture for main office and new office.

Second Floor Reno

- Build addition to art room on second floor over existing deck (full finish and flooring);
- Add two skylights to roof addition;
- Maximize windows as much as possible (as per fire code);
- Relocate and reuse heritage stained glass windows in art room addition;
- Create Computer work stations in art room with storage/countertop partition–add computer hardline wiring;
- Add work counter for printer, paper cutter, stapling etc. near computer work stations;
- Relocate and replace existing sink with new large utility sink;
- Add storage for art supplies and art canvases behind cabinet doors–no open storage;
- Add paper flat files to store large sheets of paper and completed artwork;
- Reassign existing computer room to new office – add computer hardline wiring;
- Move Shaw equipment from existing Computer Room into ED’s office;
- Install existing laminate floor in ED’s office.


- Paint Exterior, replicate existing colour scheme;
- Replace wood steps up to front porch/add handrails & balustrade where appropriate;
- Replace wood decking at front porch;
- Add crushed rock to landscape to replace grassy area;


- Exterior landscape renewal;
- Arch at entrance to be rebuilt;
- Existing fences will be repainted;
- Add two spotlights over parking area;
- Replace two broken exterior security lights.

General Volunteers
Trade Volunteers
Military Volunteers

Three Reasons to Donate to HeroWork

Infrastructure Matters

HeroWork always has new project on the go. Charities need renovations to make their buildings and spaces good so that they can deliver their mandates. Only Herowork can renovate buildings quickly and efficiently at a fraction of traditional costs.

Community Matters

Using a model akin to a modern-day barn raising, HeroWork inspired community participation, leaving stronger networks and more reliant neighbourhoods.

People Matter

After a Radical Renovation vulnerable in our society are lifted up with a sense of connection, pride of place, and the knowledge that community came together to create a legacy of hope for them.


HeroWork Testimonials

Great crew, organization, and atmosphere.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

I love being on Facebook and photo duty. Share the love and community spirit!

Past HeroWork Volunteer

Great to see all the amazing effort that's gone into this transformation and kudos to everyone who stepped in to help others.

Past HeroWork Volunteer

Everyone was excellent to work with - an inspirational event I feel lucky to have shared!

Past HeroWork Volunteer