Apply for a Radical Renovation

HeroWork is seeking eligible applications for Radical Renovations in the Greater Victoria Area.

Our new application process is open-ended, which means that we are looking for projects not only in 2018 but farther into the future. This process is meant to start a relationship that results in pre-planning for possible projects as far out as 2022.

If you would like a renovation to your existing building, or to a building that you are planning to purchase or have donated to your charity, please invest the time to fill out an application.

Applications for renovations in 2018 must be submitted by the end of the day on Oct 31th. Priority review will be given to these applications.  Applications received after this deadline will be reviewed upon receipt and considered for future renovations beginning in 2019 through 2022.

Step 1: Review Guidelines Document (link below) for eligibility requirements and project parameters.

Step 2: Fill out online application (link below).

1: Read Guidelines
2: Fill Out Application

The development of our new application process generously supported by...