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This FREE full day seminar will help you MOBILIZE MASSIVE COMMUNITY CHANGE through cutting edge strategies proven in the field.

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Mobilizing community can be tough. Really tough.

You must inspire team members and volunteers, acquire sponsorship, create systems, programs, and events, become a leader in your own right, tell your story, create longevity…the list goes on and on.

The learning curve can be overwhelming and demoralizing. This all-day seminar on May 6th will shorten that curve and save you to time and effort by throwing open the HeroWork toolbox and giving you a strategic “formula” for mobilizing community.

For seven years, Paul Latour has been studying, testing, and experimenting to develop a comprehensive structure to get massive results. However, this seminar is not about how to put on a HeroWork Radical Renovation. Instead, it will take a step back and showcase the underlying strategies, which you can use to mobilize community.

The Offer

In the spirit of community, HeroWork is offering this seminar free of charge on May 6th from 9am to 5pm. We ask only three things in return:

1. Volunteer for one of our Radical Renovations
2. Bring for a potluck lunch
3. Consider a donation to HeroWork after the seminar

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We weren’t counting on being so inspired! From the beginning of Paul’s workshop, the excitement in the room was palpable.

- Lindsay Baker, President of AVRBC

Paul was eloquent, charismatic, and inspirational. More importantly, his delivery and style of presenting were clear, thoughtful, and carefully articulated. He was able to communicate complex ideas in a simple manner and understood what his audience could comprehend.

- Tom McCartney, Account Manager

HeroWork is an amazing achievement!                                

- Murray Rankin, Federal MP for Victoria

Paul is an engaging storyteller. He weaves his message in such a way that the audience is drawn in and becomes a willing participant. Paul’s modern understanding of human nature, adds the personal connection to the science of stakeholder management. At the end of his talks you are left thinking, ‘How can I include this in what I do?'

- Peter Smither, PMI-VI Treasurer

There are four modules to this seminar:

Internal Leadership

It all arises from personal leadership, no matter what your position. Personal leadership is what we all need to bring to the table. It is something to be fostered through consistent habits in three areas: presence habits, power habits, and habits of perspective.

Leading From Ahead

This is about getting out of the shadows and into the spotlight. You will learn how to use branding, event design, and strategic storytelling to effectively position for yourself and your cause in the marketplace.

Leading From Beside

People often focus on the “hard skills” finding the “soft skills” elusive, which is why many struggle to generate deep buy-in from their teams. Using strategic practices, this module will teach how to grow a culture of connection and commitment that fosters long term productivity, innovation, and creativity.

Leading From Behind

To empower your team to be self-sustaining you’ll need systems. You need to work both “in” your business and “on” your business. Here, we will look at hard, information, and soft systems.

About Paul Latour

As the founder and creator of HeroWork, Paul Latour has used his Community Leadership practices to inspire people and companies to come together and complete Radical Renovation events valued at close to 2 million dollars.

HeroWork’s most recent event—a $630K Radical Renovation for the Rainbow Kitchen inside the Esquimalt United Church—was held over three successive weekends in Oct 2016. Two radical renovation projects are scheduled for 2017.

HeroWork has partnered with over 200 companies, engaged as many as 65 team members for a single project, and mobilized over 1000 volunteers.

A motivational leader and speaker, Paul has directed and produced three TV specials, showcasing the power of community. He has been featured on Global’s national newscast series called “Everyday Hero.” He has also been on the front page of the Times Colonist and the Victoria News, as well as feature in the Glob & Mail. He’s been headline news on CHEK, Global, and CTV. He has been honoured with Citizen of the Year Award by Halo Business Networking, and the Paul Harris Award by Rotary, Community Leadership Award, by Leadership Victoria, and others.

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