Julie Coles – Hero Team Spotlight

Today was a phone day for me.  These are my most important days.  They are the days I follow up, call new businesses, make connections, put more and more in the funnel.  Without stuff in the funnel everything slows down, coming to a halt. Needless to say I like to be focused during these time.…

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It’s Monstrous Makeover Month of May…Let’s go!

It’s April 30th.  April 30th at 11:15pm.  In 45 minutes it’s going to be May.  MAY!  In 23 days the makeover starts.  I’m super pumped.  I’m also a nervous and worried.  There are still soooo many things to do.  (You have no idea.) I’ve learned, however, that it’s best to focus on what’s already been accomplished–rather…

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What? No posts?

With the exception of the weekend when I’m working at the Marina Restaurant, if I’m not posting it means I’m smokin’ busy.  It means we’re slaying it.  It means that the results are coming so fast and furious that I can’t keep up.  But I’ll try.  I’ll try because I’ve got this insane caring streak.…

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Fear…and a whole lot of courage

Yeah, courage.  That’s what it takes.  Or at least that’s what it takes me. I’ve got a shadow inside that raises it’s head regularly.  It says, “OMG what the hell have you got yourself into??”  Last night at 3:30am this shadow raised it’s head and woke me up with a thrill of adrenaline and panic.…

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Agenda Interiors provides massive leg up

Yesterday Kent McFadyen and I meet with Daria Bunting and Neville Grigg from Agenda Interiors.  We went through the renovation, talking about all the office needs for furniture and work flow.  Neville provided valuable feedback.  Ideas were brimming all around.  You could tell that he is an expert in his field. He understood our timelines…

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New Blog and Social Media Manager

Yes, I’ve started a blog. It will chronicle the building and completion of the Mustard Seed radical renovation and beyond. It will still come up on Facebook and Twitter, but the story will start here at www.herowork.com/blog. I am very grateful to Katharine Holmes for making it happen. She contacted me and wanted to help.…

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Kinetic Construction has jumped on board.

Kinetic Construction has jumped on board. This is HUGE! Kinetic is one of the biggest construction companies around. And one of the most community orientated. They’ve helped the Cancer Society, the Rotary Club, Victoria’s Woman’s Transition House, the Gorge Soccer Association, the United Way…the list goes on. Now they are going to help us do…

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Follow Your Heart – Paul’s Story

When I turned 30 I promised myself that I would always follow my heart. When push comes to shove I now let the chips fall where they may and follow my soul’s path.

In this unscripted presentation I talk about the organic and intelligent journey of my heart’s path, how I went from visual artwork, to literature, and finally to extreme makeovers.

It’s been a crazy ride that I wouldn’t change for the world. If you feel a bit lost in your journey, in the hinterland between destinations, give this a watch.

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What I Used to Call Fear

Fear can be debilitating. It can stop you cold in your tracks. It can make you ineffective, hesitant, and disempowered.

But what if most of what we call fear isn’t really fear at all? What if the anxiety we often feel has been confused for something else, something that can transform your life and empower your actions?

In this speech at the Thunderbird Toastmasters Club I talk about an anxiety attack I had during the preparation of my second makeover and how it lead to a personal breakthrough, resulting in a paradigm shift in how I relate to “what I used to call fear.”

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Three Organizational Phases to every Community-Based Extreme Makeover

Paul Latour describes the three organizational phases that go into every community-based extreme makeover: 1. Strategic Storytelling, 2. Full-Circuit Partnerships, and 3. Sequenced Campaigning.

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“I Never Expected This!” How Hero Work Began

In this personal unscripted presentation, Paul Latour talks about how the magic of the first event compelled him to radically shift his life and start Hero Work.

“Never in a million years did I ever think I would be doing extreme makeovers… I simply had a friend who needed help.”

If you’re curious about how such a crazy idea is born, give this a watch.

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