leveraging Social Impact 


HeroWork Canada has developed an innovative model with a “Business in a Box” structure that can be replicated and introduced into urban centres across Canada. This CHAPTER model uses franchise-like business systems with the for-profit mechanisms stripped away in order to multiply social impacts exponentially. Under the national framework of HeroWork Canada, which retains ownership, financial and systems control, each CHAPTER is set up to begin creating locally-tailored solutions to address aging charity infrastructure problems in its community.

The model serves to streamline governance while preserving operational flexibility and accountability while minimizing risk.

Chapters instantly benefit from HeroWork Canada’s proven track record, powerful business systems, strong brand and marketing, robust training and its comprehensive vetting of possible locations and local leadership.

HeroWork Canada’s role is to empower local chapters to efficiently execute Radical Renovations. As the national arm of the organization, we focus on:

  • Evaluate new communities and complete local feasibility studies;
  • Vet possible social entrepreneurs who want to start a new chapter;
  • Arrange for a portion of the required start-up funds;
  • Provide step-by-step processes and all the  back-end infrastructure, from policies to templates, from HR processes to financial and web systems;
  • Train and mentor new chapter team leaders;
  • Evaluate and ensure the highest quality of impact of chapters;
  • Provide collaborative forums between chapters;
  • Advocate for system change connected to charitable infrastructure.

A Chapter’s responsibility is to use HeroWork Canada’s pre-designed systems to efficiently, safely, and sustainably complete Radical Renovations events. As the local Chapter of the national organization, they focus on:

  • New project outreach, adjudication, and onboarding;
  • Understand charity partners’ mission and vision, designing projects that significantly empower their capacity, efficiency, and innovation;
  • Shine a spotlight on their mandate;
  • Change neighbourhood dynamics by integrating project designs with broader community needs;
  • Project planning, community mobilization and relations;
  • Execution of Radical Renovation events that give participants a unique experience of community that promotes engagement and leadership.

The location that started it all…

Created from nothing more than a dream, the Victoria chapter has matured over the years and now is our “model” chapter, which we are using to package and replicate across Canada.



As HeroWork expands into more communities, we envision a movement of charity renewal that will impact urban centers across the country.