through spectacular community-style events.

Our Mandate

HeroWork is a charity that renovates other charities in a way that saves the recipient 75-80% of the value of the renovation. We do this by turning a standard renovation into a spectacular community-style event in which participants have life affirming experiences.

We call these events Radical Renovations--imagine a modern day barn-raising, where dozens of companies and hundreds of volunteers come together with exceptional cooperation and common vision.

Why? Our non-profit infrastructure is diminished. Neighbourhood halls, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, youth housing--places that make our community strong--are often in a state of disrepair. Between decreased funding and a growing demand for services, most charities struggle to fulfill their mandates with little money left to maintain their buildings. Also, new infrastructure is increasingly difficult to acquire and renovate, leaving communities bereft of facilities.

Our major 2016 Radical Renovation is for the Rainbow Kitchen, who serve 36,000 meals a year to the poor and disenfranchised.

Paul Latour, ED of HeroWork

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Our Stakeholders

People care. Community companies care too.

This fact is why Radical Renovations are possible.

Under the HeroWork banner 1000 volunteers have lent a hand, and over 170 companies have worked with us: restaurants, printers, graphic design, photographers, office supply, and more.

But the linchpin of these partners are the men and women who design and build, who make beautiful and make strong. They are the ones who construct our homes, our roads, and our schools. They are the construction industry.

Support a strong community by choosing a HeroWork contractor.


Our Program

To choose the best charitable renovations we adjudicate projects based on many factors:

  • The charity must own its building or lease from a qualified donee
  • A charity must demonstrate the impact a renovation will have on its clients and the larger community
  • A charity must be financially stable and be able to eventually contribute 20-25% of the value of the renovation as seed capital
  • The charity must have a compelling story of its mandate and the community's support
  • The charity must have good leadership, a cooperative attitude, and passion
  • The project must be comprehensive but achievable within a short period of time
  • The longevity and sustainability of the renovation
  • And more.

Our Mandate

To date HeroWork has completed 1.2 million dollars worth of non-profit renovations.

Projects completed include:

  • Casa Maria Emergency Housing Society: $100K value
  • Mustard Seed Food Bank and Street Church: $500K value
  • Threshold Housing Society: $350K value
  • Citizens' Counselling Centre/Schizophrenia Society of Victoria: $200K+ value

2016 Projects Include:

  • May: Camp Pringle dock rebuild. Value $90K
  • Sept: Rainbow Kitchen in the Esquimalt United Church. Value $500K


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