HeroWork is preparing to take the experiences and systems developed from its first HeroWork Chapter in Victoria BC and replicate this proven model into multiple HeroWork Chapters that we intend to establish in urban centres across Canada. 

This ambitious expansion campaign will increase the reach of HeroWork, as we continue to demonstrate what we have already found to be true: that the majority of charities would operate more efficiently and be able to expand their capacities if the buildings they own and work in were renovated and modernized. 

By investing your philanthropic dollars in our national expansion, our training and support systems, you will leverage your resources and empower many local community teams to transform a wide range of important charity buildings.

Renovating a single charity impacts many people. Renovating many charity buildings impacts a community. Replicating our program into many communities can change a nation.

Schedule a personal presentation about HeroWork Canada, our program, and expansion. Get your questions answered and dig deeper into what we can achieve together.

HeroWork has a track record for effectively identifying community needs and mobilizing a network of trades, volunteers and donors to lead radical renovations that make a significant and enduring difference to the charities they benefit. As a foundation, we appreciate how HeroWork is able to stretch the value of our donations through their unique approach to project execution. They are able to outsize the impact of each dollar given. While the charities they serve are clearly the biggest beneficiaries of HeroWork, I suspect anyone who has spent a day on one of their sites left with a stronger sense of purpose and community and an eagerness to return again. There are many impressive not for profits out there, but in my mind, HeroWork stands out.
-Karen Jawl, Jawl Foundation

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