2017 Summer Project

Power To Be has acquired the use of the former Prospect Lake Golf Course.

HeroWork will help transform this 88 acre property into a recreational hub. Once complete, Power To Be can provide even more inclusive adventures rooted in nature to people living with barriers.

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The Legacy

For decades the Steele family operated the 88-acre Prospect Lake Golf Course. After retiring the operation, they wanted to turn it into a community legacy. The Steele family recently leased the property to Power To Be for 25 years. The Victoria-based non-profit envisions it becoming a world-class nature-based recreational facility for children, youth and adults living with physical, mental, or financial barriers.

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Partnership With The Steele Family

The Steele family has owned the unique 88-acre property at the south end of Prospect Lake for more than 40 years. The family operated the former Prospect Lake Golf Course on the property until it closed permanently on November 30, 2015.  The family searched throughout 2015 to find the right steward for the land for the future, an organization that would respect the natural beauty of the land and operate programs to benefit the community-at-large. Power To Be was selected as an organization aligned with the family’s future vision and property objectives.

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Campgrounds, Waterfront, & Naturalizing the Site

This project will dramatically increase Power To Be’s ability to deliver their programming to their participants.

Dates: July 8-9th and July 15-16th.

The Campgrounds

The campgrounds will include 8 raised camping platforms with accessibility features, two accessible toilets, a post and beam gathering space, accessible paths and ramps, as well as a nature outpost structure.

The Waterfront

A dock will be installed at the site, and HeroWork’s job is to ensure proper accessibility through pathways and ramps, as well as covered canoe, kayak and paddleboard storage, and fencing along the riparian zone.

Naturalizing the Site

The goal here is to start the process of bring the site back to its natural state. This will include the removing of sand traps, tee boxes, fencing, and more. The goal here is to support the process of bringing the site back to its natural state, while adding site enhancements for recreational use.

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